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Williams "The Getaway" Pinball Machine *NICE*

Here we have a very nice refurbished "The Getaway" pinball machine by Williams.
This is a great machine that has a supercharger ramp where the ball is propelled round a loop at high speed.
The number of loops completed depends on your progress through the game - this can be 20 or more if you've achieved a jackpot shot!Game play can be viewed on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kz7PDfH49fAThe game has been stripped down, cleaned, overhauled and re-built - with new Comet LEDs, translucent rubber rings and new balls for longevity. The cabinet has been re-decaled by a previous owner although there are some creases on the back lower section on one side. The cabinet metal work has all been shot blasted and powder coated in black which really suits the game...

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